Why Andrew is running

Mt. Lebanon is blessed with a great community.  One that has all of the benefit of being mature and well established while also benefiting from the renaissance that has come to the larger Pittsburgh region.  It is in these good times that elected officials need to be thinking about the future.  Planning and laying the foundation for the next generation like those before us have done.

Government is the means through which collective action is accomplished whether it be providing police and fire services,  ensuring that the roads are well maintained, or that business districts are attractive for both business and customers.  While the topic du jour is often focused on those things with immediate concern and can feel like the only thing that anyone should focus on, it is the commitment of elected officials to be thinking ten to twenty years in the future that ensures the health of the community.

As with the larger economy and society, government is experiencing rapid change through the force of technology and generational shifts.  Mt. Lebanon has the opportunity to engage long-time residents and newcomers in new and dynamic ways that make government more open, efficient, and effective for every resident.

With a professional background in public policy and strategic planning for public agencies, capital planning and debt issuance, as well as technology innovation for local government, Andrew is ideally positioned to be a strong voice for the citizens of Mt. Lebanon.   


As a community that is experiencing the great changes coming to the region, Mt. Lebanon is both an example of an innovative modern American community as well as a community that has strong fiscal management and proud traditions.  Andrew's goal is to ensure that the great community we know and love retains its uniqueness while adapting to the changing economy, environment, and needs of residents.


  • Forward-looking reinvestment in infrastructure

  • Environmental sustainability 

  • A safe & welcoming community for all residents and visitors

  • Strong fiscal & policy oversight